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A Review of The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom by Suze Orman

I admit, this is an oldie - published in 1997. It's so old that the author makes references to "pocket books", "coin phones", and even says things like "If you don't have a computer, then.." Despite it's ancient booklore, I still belive I learned a few things about how to better manage my money. Plus, the author not only talks about the practical side of money management, but also the subjective, emotional side to it. Let's be honest, most people have some sense of feeling come up within them when money is talked about, whether if it's with your parents, relatives, or spouse. For me, my heart starts beating a little faster whenever money enters the conversation. I don't have an answer as to why, it just does. It's a fear that I'm learning to overcome. I appreciate that this book gives us a tour of the emotional side of money, and even how to properly manage those feelings by realizing a few things. 1) The cycle o

Books I've Read

Below, I hope to document all the books that I've read throughout my life. (I hope Blogger provides an easy way to migrate posts, in case I decide to switch to a different blogging platform). Right now I'm not going to worry about doing anything fancy with the presentation. I just need to get started. Later, I hope to provide a brief review of each of the books that I have read through. I'm inspired to make this post in the same principle I wrote about on my initial blog post. I want to keep myself accountable of the things I want to do and learn in life. One of those things includes learning how to enjoy reading. This isn't something I did very often as a kid, being too attached to the computer screen and video games. I regret not reading more as a child. I don't want to say that about my young adult life. Keep in mind that this my personal reading list that isn't categorized by any means. You'll see things related to my faith, my interests, and m