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Short day in Sequoia National Park

The giant Sequoia trees in this part of California made me feel insignificantly small. Walking among the tallest and widest tress known to man gave me a sense of how short of a time window we are given on this earth, relatively speaking. Some of the trees we saw were centuries old. Recently, Amy and I spent a few weeks venturing on the road from Anaheim, CA to the Olympic peninsula in Washington state. We traversed some of the well-known National Parks, visited some lesser-known hikes and vista points, all while utilizing a small wooden stove for dinners and a three-man tent as our shelter. It was a peaceful, yet at times, stressful and exhausting three weeks. During our day in Sequoia, we first stopped at the Giant Forest Museum to enjoy some sandwiches and secure a parking spot. We then took advantage of their shuttle to Moro Rock, which was a thrilling and breath-taking experience. Now you know why I chose to use the adjective "breath-taking". Climbing up and down