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Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve 2019

An outstanding sight to see hills and mountain sides covered in something rather than grass, trees, or rocks. Luckily, we caught the reserve in one of if it's peak moments. The California Wildflower Bloom occurs when conditions are just right. An unusual amount of rain paired with desert landscapes causes the wildflowers to flourish. Because of the drought in years prior, there is no grass or other vegetation that competes for nutrients [1].  The result, what most people commonly know as the California Super Bloom. We woke up treacherously early to secure our parking spot. The two hour commute through the infamous L.A. traffic put us there at 9:00am. We waited about fifteen minutes before arriving at the ranger booth to pay our reasonable $10 entrance fee. By the time we left, the line developed to down the main road of the entrance. Getting up with the sun was a worthwhile decision. Being at Antelope Valley during the super bloom was surreal. For several brief moments I fe