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Alaska - August 2019

There are so many things to say about Alaska. Beautiful scenery, amazing wildlife, and fresh seafood. These are just a few ways to experience what Alaska has to offer. During our stay, we experienced the joy of glacier sightseeing, breathtaking bus tours through untouched wilderness, Iditarod sleigh dog training, and, to unfortunately say, the dangers that threaten it all. How did we get there? The Alaska Marine Highway System is a state-run ferry organization that runs through several coastline cities. This ferry ran from Bellingham, WA to Wittier, AL through the beautiful inner channels of B.C. and southeast Alaska and Gulf of Alaska. We stopped in Ketchikan, Juneau, Yakutat, and finally Wittier. The trip took four full days on the vessel and five nights. We took the Kennicott. Originally designed to respond to oil spills, the Kennicott provides all the useful amenities you would expect. A sizable dining area, solar decks, comfortable seating, and my personal favorite: The