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My Personal Reading Goals

I realize that, as I get further along in life, it's even more important to maintain a regular reading habit for continual education. An idle mind tends towards complacency, complacency tends towards ignorance, and ignorance is what ultimately lures us into giving in to our emotions, especially the most sensitive ones. Anger, hate, lust, indulgence, misanthropy, and guile. These feelings are something that were not a problem for me when I was young, but now that I'm older there is an unwanted emergence. A manifestation of being taken advantage of, getting hurt, an ardent and unrelenting desire and pursuit for self-gain. However, understanding the humanities, history, psychology, and general human mannerisms has helped with coping with some of these emotions. I understand this is not enough. The battle against our darkest emotions is not merely psychological. There is a spiritual aspect I have come to also regularly neglect like a swinging pendulum. I do not want to be a sw