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Adding an APLOS Donate button to a managed WordPress site

I occasionally help out with a website for a nonprofit, which is hosted by GoDaddy running on their managed WordPress platform. Now, navigating through a managed WordPress site is shockingly simple but there are some limitations. It's always a compromise between simplicity and flexibility. In this case, we were given a snippet of code: Notice how it includes a <script> tag. This is problematic for the WordPress HTML widget. According to the WordPress documentation: The limitation here is justifiable. A small explanation is provided by WordPress as to why JavaScript is stripped from text here : But why is it available for Business plan? Because Business plans allow plugins to be installed. The managed WordPress site for the nonprofit is considered a Business plan, so installing plugins really isn't a problem. The plugin I decided to go with is called "Scripts n Styles" . It allows Admin users to add custom HTML, JavaScript, and CSS code to a p