My first post

I've never appreciated blogging until recently. It's a great way to capture one's life, and most importantly, share knowledge to whomever cares to read. Even if my posts never get a single view, I still believe writing out my passions will help me keep going. It will add value to what I've been doing, instill creatively, and empower me to always progress in my hobbies and interests.

I've tried multiple hobbies in the past. My problem is that I want to arrive at it's mastery without putting in the effort of going through the process. The practice. I'm hoping that, in writing out my experiences, I will be able to document my progression in the hobbies I've chosen and appreciate who I've become.

Who I am:
My name is Miguel Alex Cantu (Alex for short). I graduated from The University of Texas at San Antonio with a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science in 2013. I've always have been fascinated by computers and their innards. My childhood interest in multiplayer gaming quickly lead me to a community of equally minded individuals. IRC was my usual hangout space during my pre-teen to teenage years, programming came natural, and my days consisted wholly in front of a computer screen.
After I graduated college, I went to work for a company called Rackspace for the next four years(see my linkedin profile here). In July of 2017, my wife and I decided to take some time off to pursue our faith in Jesus Christ.

As of 08/14/2017, I'm enrolled in a Bible Truth School called the Full-Time training in Anaheim. I have a deep desire to be constituted with the Word of God and to be able to guide others to Christ if the need ever so arise. This is a very special opportunity for me to study the truth full-time and learn how to serve the Body of Christ both practically and spiritually. It's not a mere seminary or school of theology, but a place I can learn how to touch the Person of Jesus in my spirit(Job 32:8; Zech. 12:2; Romans 8:16; John 4:24). I'm learning how to come to the Lord in my day-to-day activities, no matter the subject (Matt. 11:28).

As of late, I've been practicing classical guitar every day in hope of being able to play figurestyle pieces. I'll write my progress about that here!

I love food. Who doesn't? I love restaurants and delicious recipes. I don't think I could exhaust my ability to write about food. Don't be surprised if you see a few food posts come up here.

My wife and I also enjoy spending time outdoors with our dogs, Grizz and Oso:

My plan is to write about our adventures and any other useful things that pertain to my interests listed above. Here we go!