My Journey Through Building a Camper Van - Phase 1 - Design and Budgeting Part 1

I've been following several full-time van life couples on YouTube. I'm not a minimalist - I'm okay with having more than you need. I want tools. I don't *need* tools, but they are nice to have. The same goes for any seasonal items. Seasons change. Our things might want to change accordingly. With that said, living in a van full time isn't for me.
However, I still like the idea of having a convenient, cozy, and mobile space to take with me wherever I travel.

I started with some designs on the Ram ProMaster City:

This would require me to learn some carpentry skills and allot the time to build it out. I'm not sure how much money to budget for the build, but for the van, I'm thinking it will run me somewhere along 15K-20K.

The advantage of having a Ram ProMaster City over the high top is that I can use it as my daily commuter. I wouldn't need an extra vehicle to get to and from work or go through the Starbucks drive-thru. Saving money on not having the extra vehicle means that we can put a larger down payment on our future home, wherever that may be.

I would *love* a high top, but there is a lot to think about. Where am I going to store it? Am I really going to use it for that long? I still need a daily  commuter, what car is that going to be and how much is that going to cost me? It's a decision that I need to think about for a few years.

The ProMaster City is small, gas efficient, and fits in a garage. The downside is that it doesn't have a restroom nor a shower. A toilet would be nice for me because I get up to use the restroom almost every night. If we don't have a toilet, then we are limited to campsite facilities or good 'ol mother nature.

If I end up going with the ProMaster high top, I would love to make it almost exactly like how Trent and Allie built theirs:

My goal through documenting this process is selfish. I need a way to track the progress of my goals. Writing this process on my blog will help me to practically work out my goals. Kind of like writing a report on my progress, then seeing if the report has failed or passed.

This is something I really want. It might take a few years, it might take several years. Either way, I know I want it so I'm starting now.